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Plastic granules perfected to art

Gebaplast is the plastic injection company that converts your ideas into high-quality plastic materials, from technical semi-finished products to thin-walled finished products. We cast plastic granules into practically any shape imaginable. With our innovative and durable machinery, we anticipate the latest techniques.

The sky's the limit

An injection molding company that grows your business

An all-round injection molding company and more. Because of our customer-centered approach you can count on us to offer customized solutions that fit. We provide advice, design your idea from scratch, or think alongside with you in design or sketch. Always with the goal in mind of further growth through a more efficient process or an innovative product.

What we do

By using multiple techniques, we make an end-product or technical semi-finished product. In addition to injection molding, we make 3D prints that are often used in the testing phase of a product. In Mould Labeling, Laser Marking and Ultrasonic Welding are among techniques that we are experienced with and apply regularly. In addition to the techniques, our added value lies in advising, thinking along with you and in design. Ultimately to arrive at plastic solutions that allow our customers to grow their business.


Recent projects

Coffee Based

Pure coffee enjoyment. A conversation with Wouter Geldhof about how

Here is a selection of custom solutions that we have recently delivered. We let the customers do the talking. They are in the best position to share more about the added value of working with Gebaplast for their company.

Pure craftsmanship since 1987

About Gebaplast

Serving our customers since 1987 with plastic solutions. Our production facility is located in Oud-Beijerland. Our solutions include high-quality technical semi-finished products and thin-walled finished products that are used worldwide. With our knowledge and experience in plastic injection molding, our professionals deliver craftsmanship from grain to art every day.

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